Hatha Yoga

Weekly Class

Hatha Yoga is considered to be traditional Yoga and highly suitable for everyone to practice. It is a form of Yoga that will leave you feeling relaxed, stretched and spiritually uplifted. It’s been practiced for thousands of years and is a very inclusive form of Yoga which uses physical postures and breath to develop strength and flexibility and improve physical and mental well being. The word Yoga means “Yoke or Union” meaning to harmonise body, mind and spirit.


  • Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility
  • Improves and circulation
  • Calms the mind down by inviting us to synchronise movement with breath
  • Removes tension and obstacles in the body to allow breath and prana to flow
  • Better posture
  • Improves physical and mental health
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Improve posture, skin, and muscle tone
  • Create a positive self-image
  • Helps energy levels and concentration
  • More restful sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduce stress and increase mental clarity

Yoga poses work on the physical body, easing through muscular tension and helping us to reach a balance between strength and flexibility thereby maintaining joint health. By approaching the postures with an attitude of mindful awareness, we are able to work sensitively with the body and find new ways of moving which will help us in our everyday life. When practised appropriately and under proper guidance, Yoga may allow the body's natural healing processes to function so that aches and pains such as low back pain and joint discomfort are relieved. Apart from the positive effects on the musculo-skeletal system, the Yoga postures have direct, positive effects on our breathing, digestion, circulation and the functioning of many of our internal organs.

The emphasis on breathing during Yoga poses along with separate, dedicated breathing practices, work directly to improve respiratory health and also help to reverse the physiological responses to stress which we all encounter in everyday life. Learning to control, direct and slow down the breathing has a profound effect on the mind, leaving us feeling calmer and more balanced.

The inner stillness achieved through meditative practices and deep relaxation builds upon the sense of calm achieved through working on the body and the breathing, providing a sense of harmony, clarity and peace, the effects of which enhance the sense of physical relaxation and balance experienced in the body.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which translates as 'union'. Yoga can be thought of as the union of body, mind and spirit which is characterised by a feeling of balance, harmony and well-being. Through practising Yoga, the mind settles into a state of increased calmness and clarity and the body is able to relax, strengthen and heal. Originating in India, the holistic system presented by Yoga has been tried and tested over thousands of years and is now actively practised worldwide.

Wednesday, time 6.00pm - 7.30 pm.

Location: Online via Zoom.

Cost: £8 per week or £48 per 6 week block. Payment in advance as I only do small classes so need this commitment.


  • BACS, Bank details: Santander, Sort Code 090129, Account No 41782352.
    Please use your name as the reference for online banking, not mine.
  • Debit/Credit Card - via online store, link here.
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Requirments for lesson:

  • You will need a Yoga Mat.
  • 1 Yoga Block & 2 Yoga Bricks.
  • 1 Yoga Strap
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing, so that the body is not restricted.
  • I also recommend two small towels for those wrist and knee issues.
  • Please bring a blanket & eye pillow for relaxation afterwards.
  • Light music and maybe anything personal to you to set the tone for 1.5 hours of self-care.

All items can be swapped out as you need too.